Research and on-line ressources in ethnology and
social anthropology on Aboriginal Australia

Recherches et ressources en ethnologie et anthropologie
sociale sur les Aborigènes d'Australie

This is the French mirror of the official AusAnthrop site.

If you bookmarked this page as the web site of AFRAA, Association Française de Recherche sur l'Australie Aborigène (French Association for Research on the Aborigines of Australia), please retitle your bookmarks and links to AusAnthrop. For various reasons, AFRAA never came to be.

Avis au lecteurs francophones: le site AusAnthrop est majoritairement en Anglais. Toutefois, il contient des sections françaises, telles la liste des anthropologues francophones travaillant sur les Aborigènes d'Australie, mais aussi certains articles anthropologiques publiés en ligne.

The following links will redirect you to the sections of the official AusAnthrop site.

Main Home Page

Research Section: provides resources for anthropologists and the layman on the Aborigines of Australia. Among others, there is an access to an on-line database on Australian Aboriginal dialects, languages and tribes; a research section on the Western Desert of Australia, including a bibliographic database; resources on repatriation issues and cultural property rights; a kinship tutorial; on-line articles in social and cultural anthropology, etc.

Resources Section: Conferences, book reviews, newsletter, anthropologists (anthropologues francophones travaillant sur l'Australie), links to over 3000 sites interesting anthropology, linguistics and history, including links to Universities, and many other resources.

Please browse through to the home page and check what is new. There are also sections on aboriginal art, Native Title Issues including a list of Representative Bodies etc.

The site is database driven, using MysQL and PostgreSQL, and is dynamic with PHP scripting language. It therefore also contains a search engine, which will help to find specific pages on the site, as well as a Discussion Forum in Social and Cultural Anthropology, with accent on Aboriginal Australia, as well as a forum on Social Sciences and Information Technology.

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